I won!

Well, more like they chose my writing (plus a bunch of other people’s writings) to be included in a staged reading at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. This makes my heart soar – I love approval – I love a trophy.

Oooh – and I hope Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Lopez are cast in my piece. (Because I think they both look like me. And why not?)

The performance will be on April 3. Here is an edited excerpt from the bigger deal:

                                                                 Third Party

They dance through the heavy gymnasium doors. They smile at a voter placing a sticker on her scarf. The woman rests her head on the man’s shoulder. His knees crack as he bends to be a better headrest.

A poll worker beckons them forward. “District?”


The couple moves slowly across the room to wait in another line. They’ve been practicing this dance for over a year now – he walks bent legged, supporting half of her weight and kicking every few steps to stretch his knees, while she holds an arm out for balance.
“Don’t do it,” she warns.

For the weeks leading up to the election, he tried to convince her that voting for someone who you don’t support is a wasted vote. She tried to convince him that now wasn’t the time to be so idealistic – but wasn’t that the point – and on and on.

“If he’s elected – ” she begins.

“You’ll move to Canada?” asks a smiling young man with a silly curled mustache waiting in line behind them.

“Hell no!” she says, “I’m not going anywhere. I am staying right here on this earth – I mean – right here in Brooklyn until I get to vote again.”

At this, the man stops kicking. He straightens and looks at her. Her bright blue hair whips around her pale face. Her eyes shine bright as she stomps a boot. He takes a ballot from the poll worker. He knows what he must do.

“That one just opened up,” says the guy with the mustache, pointing to the back of the room.

The man leaves her in line, walking fast now. Behind the booth, he takes a deep breath and votes.


Author: katycv

I am forty one-derful! I have an 2.5 year old sweet heart. I have stage 4 non small cell lung cancer. I have high hopes.

9 thoughts on “I won!”

  1. Dear Katy: My name is Sharon Valleau. I worked with your folks at Hallmark. I just saw your mom’s Facebook share of your blog. I had no idea. I am a three time survivor in this club that no one ever wants to join, and yet where we discover many amazing friends. I’ve done a lot of research since my first diagnosis in 2006. I’d be happy to share if you like. Otherwise, know I’ll be lifting you be name in prayer. Love from the front lines…


  2. Love your writing Katy. Will keep pressing our KS legislators to support the ACA until they create an improvement. Prayers & love to all, The Wagners


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