It’s getting weird

One of my favorite things:

when people tell me that I look JUST LIKE someone they know or that I totally remind them of their COUSIN or BOSS. This happened to me daily when I was less of a hermit – but it still happens alllll the time.

I love it because:

A. I love FITTING IN – and being a look a like is fitting in to the max.
And also A. I love the idea of being remembered through others – as a reflection or shadow or shade – a ripple effect. It feels a little magical to me. And a little like living forev.

So if you didn’t realize it before – you’ll note that  I look very much like Weird Al. Please think of me fondly next time you hear “Eat It”. And please think of Weird Al next time you hear my hit song “Cult 2”.

Also – if I remind you of anyone else you know – I want to know who! I would love to add more look alikes to my roster.


Author: katycv

I am forty one-derful! I have an 2.5 year old sweet heart. I have stage 4 non small cell lung cancer. I have high hopes.

2 thoughts on “It’s getting weird”

  1. LOL! That comparison was not obvious to me, but is clearly very accurate.

    I remember (shit, should I admit to this??) being absolutely obsessed with Tiffany’s rendition of “I think I’m alone now” when it came out (4th-5th grade?). I would wait for hours to hear it on Q104 / Z99 / KY102 / whatever KC station was playing MTV shit. Sadly they were stingy with the Tiffany, but I realized I could get my fix by listening to the Weird Al tape that I actually had, which had his version called “I think I’m a Clone Now”.

    Weird Al is a genius.

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    1. That’s awesome – I totally saw Tiffany at Ward Parkway mall – There is no shame in it. If you were more open about your love of Tiffany – I would have advised you to call in your requests! I remember calling Q104 all the time to request Cyndi Lauper’s “She Bop” in second grade – very empowering.

      I think Weird Al is a genius too.


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