My doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering are great. I have a lot of them, and I always feel like I’m in the best hands. I especially like my eye doctor who I don’t even need an appointment to see and who gives me really high self esteem. He always tells me how smart I am. Plus, since my vision is great, I drop by just because I love passing tests.

My brain surgeon is a rock star. When she saw the size of my tumor, she delayed her vacation and got right in there – I was back home in two days! My primary oncologist is kind and calm and young. She’s never in a rush, and she encourages protest participation.

I like my radiation oncologist too, although sometimes seeing him is an emotional roller coaster ride. Last year, during the same visit that he told me that my brain was perfect (Yay!!!), he also reminded me that every day was a gift (Dang). Don’t get me wrong – I appreciate every day being a gift, and thanks for the reminder. But it made me feel closer to toast than was probably necessary at the time.

Yesterday, he broke the news that there was cancer progression in my spine and hip (Boo). When I asked him how my brain looked – he said “Did I look at your brain? I think it looked fine.” (Yay!!) But I told him he’d better double check. He pulled up the scan on his computer, and upon further reflection, he thought that-  Hmmm – yes there are new metastases. (F).

Luckily, he said that my brain could be easily “spot welded” with radiation and the spots were small and in places that were easy to reach. He also said that my hip could be zapped at the same time. Only one day of radiation (Yay!!).

The nurse who was with us for the whole visit gave me TWO Valentine’s day brownies because it was clear to her that I needed both. The nurses as MSK are the best.


Author: katycv

I am forty one-derful! I have an 2.5 year old sweet heart. I have stage 4 non small cell lung cancer. I have high hopes.

16 thoughts on “JK”

  1. Hiya Katy you’re having a hard time of it. But reading your blog is so entertaining and positive – you’re an inspiration. Keep it up.


  2. reading this makes feel so blessed to be your mom. Your dad and I wish we could be there with you to give you hugs, and septuagenarian advice to ignore, and antique sweatshirts to wear. (one with, one without spaghetti stains) We’ve also gotten plenty of compliments for you and for ourselves, which is nice. Also hugs, always good. xoxoxo

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  3. Katy,. Quite obviously there is a powerful” wind beneath your wings”
    Such a rare gift, your grace filled sharing of where you are at and truthfully of how you are. You inspire me and unfailingly you make me smile….THANKS.
    Healing thoughts to you with love….


  4. I absolutely love the Marimeko dress and horsehead mask photoshoot. You are quite the stunning model, Katy. What a location you picked too, with that fantastic period kitchen. Where is it?


  5. Hi, my love! That picture is amazing and you win for best horse head selfie! I gotta post some more of those beauts! Thanks for keeping us up to date. We, your friends, think about you every day and we love you so much ❤

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  6. Hi Katy, what a strong, inspirational woman you are. Love reading the blogs. Lots of positive thoughts being sent to you from your Irish family . Eugenie X


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