Thanks, Alex

I was so happy when my friend Alex told me at our super fun and modern Academy Awards party that she thinks I look like Lumi Cavasos from Like Water for Chocolate. She is totally pretty and I remember really liking that movie back in 1992. It made me feel real smart because there were subtitles.

Then I thought – hey wasn’t Johnny Depp in that one? Turns out no – he was in Chocolat from Y2K. I don’t remember liking that movie as much- but I do see a striking resemblance between me and Johnny D!

Thanks, Alex for the compliment and the reminder and for being a fun friend. I will send you your Academy Award winnings soon.

Please think of me fondly next time you see a movie about Chocolate. And please think of Johnny next time you hear my hit song “Fathoms”.


Author: katycv

I am forty one-derful! I have an 2.5 year old sweet heart. I have stage 4 non small cell lung cancer. I have high hopes.

One thought on “Thanks, Alex”

  1. We miss Bill Hunt and his Oscar parties, but thanks to Porter Skwish, we had Oscar ballots. Out of 24, Granddude got 11 right. I only got 5, and 2 of those were for movies we didn’t see. We think (the girl in the Liberty Mutual commercial who named her car Brad) looks like you. And some other cute commercial girls and cartoon princesses.

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