About me and my health

I was diagnosed with Stage IV Non Small Cell Lung Cancer with metastases to my brain, bones, liver and lymph nodes in September of 2014. It’s January 16, 2017, (happy birthday, Dr. King) and I am still here. Thanks to friends, family, doctors and drugs for helping me make it to today.

I am writing these updates to stay focused on today – and all the good I can do and love I can give. This is hard for me as a scatter brain. I tend to spend most of my mental time in the past – what could I have done to prevent this, or in the future – what if, what if what if…yikes.

I am also writing because my health status is confusing. I insist on a wildly upbeat public face, and in general, I feel well.  But Donald Trump is about to take office and I’m about to start my 6th line of cancer treatment – so, it’s not looking great.

Also – ‘how I am’ is usually a reflection of how the important people in my life are (this is a main feature of my personality type (type 9 (type hippie))).  Here I will attempt to focus on me, me, me.

I’m Katy.


4 thoughts on “About me and my health”

  1. Thank you for updating us – the people who love you…we are so many! Keep up the fight my darling KT. The ‘what-ifs’ are all consuming entities. They attack from the past and they attack from the future but they lose all their power as we do our best to stay present and making each day count. ((Love you my friend))

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  2. It was so great to see you at Christmas! Thank you for this site to update us on your health. Please let me know when you will be in KC next, so maybe we can get together again (much sooner than ten years!). Keep fighting the fight–we need all the votes we can get in the elections to come!


  3. Dear Katie – you amaze & awe me. Thank you for sharing this. Your words help us understand what’s true, & to appreciate God’s Blessings each day we have. I can only imagine what strength it takes you to keep fighting, but please DO! So many of us love you & your wonderful spirit!!


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