How did I know?

In early 2014, I was giving an informal presentation at Hunter. I forget what it was about – but it was a no big deal kind of group presentation. In the middle of it, I couldn’t talk. It only lasted a few seconds, but presentation wise it seemed like forever. I guessed that I was just nervous or forgot what I was talking about.

I graduated and had a baby in May.

Boris drove me to the Department of Education offices in June to fill out some paper work. I hate paper work, (not an ideal quality for a teacher). On the way there, I couldn’t read the street signs. I figured I was having a postpartum freak out. When I got to the DOE, I was met with a long line of grumpy teachers. I tapped on a shoulder to ask a question, but I couldn’t talk. Luckily it was a kind teacher. I just smiled as if to say – hey I’m in this dumb line too. When I got back to the car, I barfed.

A few months later, I was watching TV, (I love TV), and I couldn’t read the names of the shows. I knew there were words on the screen, but they were beyond me. I Skyped with my family and explained that I “couldn’t really read right now”. That is such a weird thing to say that I’m sure they just thought it was a bad connection. I took an Advil for a headache and made an appointment to see the doc.

He sent me for an MRI which revealed a GIGANTIC brain tumor. Further tests showed a mass in my left lung.

Man, I didn’t even have a cough.