New Treatment

As I understand it – the goal for all of the treatments I’ve been on so far is to stay on them as long as possible, in some cases even past cancer progression. One reason for this is to buy more time. Once the existing options are exhausted, I can revisit some of the old treatments that the cancer hasn’t seen in awhile – though this often has a shorter period of efficacy. But my hope is that the genius scientists and researchers will develop new treatments while I hang by the threads of the old ones.

This completely new deal that I started last week – Afatinib + cetuximab – knocked me way out of commission. At one point, I had an allergic reaction, and a whole school of nurses and doctors swooped in to steroid me up. I was most upset at the thought that I would have to skip over this treatment entirely, further limiting the remaining treatment options. Luckily my doctor decided to give it another try by running the drug through me reallll slllllowwww.

While feeling quite crappy, I managed to walk with 400,000 New Yorkers the very next day to say No Way to the new president. And that made me feel part of something important and bigger than myself – and That made me feel better.

I only wish I could have gone out again this weekend to protest the Muslim immigration restrictions. This administration is sickening. But all of the people who are standing up and speaking out and working together to change its policies make me feel better.

Working harder and standing stronger against injustice will help me power through the gnarly side effects. We’ll know in six weeks if the new treatment is working or if I’ll have to start the next best thing. In the mean time I feel so lucky to live here and to have birthday parties, rock shows, out of town visitors, sports sports sports, and reunions with old friends to look forward to and make me feel better.