K and J

C’mon – I totally look like J Lo. Here she is in Y2K’s The Cell. I wish I had that red suit – I would totally break in to people’s MINDS in it. There’s me wearing silk overalls in 2010. I’ve gotta find those.

And here are J Lo and me now. In these pictures, she is playing a tough cop on TV’s Shades of Blue, and I’ve been taking a lot of drugs – can you believe the drugs actually turned my hair curly?! (That Weird Al hair was a total perm).


Turns out I was mistaken about needing only one day of brain radiation. I found out today that I would need 10. days. in. a. row. Geez. I will be bald by the end of it. Man, just as I was warming up to my weird curly hair.

I do hope that I will still look like J Lo.          vyjdcusnxmz3lbuumvdhkd0pcerxffckl_7kvgktdo6fbqlywvmjyml5l0rwg4tsor2qags85
Please think of me fondly next time you hear “Jenny from the Block,”  and please think of J Lo next time you hear my hit song “Chaperone.”



Rebel Reality Check

I admit to being shocked on November 8, 2016. I thought the world I would leave to my son and husband would be a kinder and more tolerant one. But I should have seen the writing on the big, disgusting wall.

2016 was quite likely the last election that I will have been able to vote in. It sounds grim, but survival rates for lung cancer patients are just that. I don’t want to be blind or blind sided by the disease like I was by the election. I don’t want to pretend that everything is all right and will continue to be that way as long as I have a great attitude.

Lung Cancer Facts

One by one, the treatments have stopped working. Cancer is an evil genius. Still, I am grateful that there have been so many treatments to try. And I’m grateful to the researchers and advocates that keep trying and keep our hopes high.

Thanks to them and my family and friends, I haven’t given up. My hopes get higher every day. But I feel the need to keep one foot in reality. And while I’m here, I’ll try to get kinder and better every day. I’m a rebel.